What Is The Pathways HUB?

The Pathways HUB connects people to social services and medical resources in Mahoning, Trumbull, Columbiana, and Jefferson Counties in Ohio.

A community health worker, or CHW, will partner with you in reaching your goals through referrals, education, and support.

Our Purpose

To reduce the impact of social determinants of health on health disparities for our region through effective care coordination.

Our Vision

To help cultivate an environment in which everyone can attain optimal health.

What Is A Community Health Worker?

A CHW is a trusted front line professional that promotes wellness by helping people adopt healthy behaviors. They implement programs and advocate for people who may have limited access to health resources and social services.

Community health workers act as a navigator between their clients and providers of healthcare and social services. They identify health-related issues, collect data, and discuss clients’ health concerns within the community. For example, community health workers might identify barriers preventing clients from access to transportation and provide referrals to resources that provide it.

Ideally, these workers have close ties to the communities they serve so that they understand their clients’ unique needs. They share that information with providers of healthcare and social services for determining appropriate programs and care. They also advocate for community wellness needs and conduct outreach to engage clients, assist with navigating healthcare, and improve coordination of care.

We can help with...

Preparing for your baby
(WIC, Cribs for Kids, car seat, breast pump, additional baby items)

Infancy to the
age of 1

(Childcare such as Early Head Start, Help Me Grow, Heartbeat, Heart to Heart)

Getting employment,
housing, food, clothing, transportation, medications, utilities, and other basic needs

Connecting to a healthcare provider

Connecting to insurance

Legal assistance

Parenting classes

Quitting smoking,
combatting stress, losing weight, or a support system

Managing your medical condition

HUB Partners



CLA-Community Legal Aid



EIC-Evolve Innovation Center

Educational Service Center of Eastern Ohio

Esther House

HNNEO-Help Network Northeast Ohio 211 & 988

Just In Time Ezechiel Ministries

MCPH-Mahoning County Public Health



Price Memorial AME Zion Church


USA-Utica Shale Academy

The Way Station

YHIZ-Youngstown Health Improvement Zones


Contact Us

If you can’t find what you’re looking for on our site, let us know! We work hard to connect you to the resources you need.

Is this an emergency?

Call 911 for immediate assistance, or contact one of the crisis lines below:

Mahoning and Trumbull County: 330-747-2696
Columbiana County: 330-424-7767
E. Palestine, Sebring, Beloit, & W. Columbiana County: 1-800-427-3606
Jefferson County: 740-996-7127

Help Networkhttps://www.helpnetworkneo.org

Medication Drop-Off:

Do you need to dispose of old or expired prescription medicine?